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40-Min Appointment

  • 40 分鐘
  • 55 US dollars
  • iRelaxBot Arcadia Experience Center


During the 30mins-50mins spine-care therapy period, you will experience iRelaxBot's six powerful functions to get a very relaxing and enjoyable moment. * People Suitable: Height: 4.9-6.1 inch Weight: <260 lbs * Kindly Reminder Before Use: 1. Wear soft and comfortable clothes, bring a clear thin blanket will be better if when you fall asleep. 2. Take off shoes and wear clear socks or disposable shoe covers 3. Remove the following items if you wear them: Glasses, Earring, Studs, Mobile Phone, Keys. 4. Read the pre-use Instruction carefully. * For those people not recommended to use: 1. There are implants in the body, such as stents, nails, steel plates, etc. 2. Not recovery after surgery. 3. Pregnant Lady. 4. Patients with severe hypertension and heart disease. 5. Child: Under 3 years. 6. Drunk. 7. Patients with severe osteoporosis (people who will be fractured with a little stress, regardless of age). 8. Venous thrombosis


Effective Date: 12/1/2023 Thank you for choosing our robotic massage and therapy services. This policy outlines the terms and conditions governing the use of our services, including free trials, renewals, cancellations, and refunds.


  • 650 W Duarte Rd ste 209c, Arcadia, CA 91007, USA


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